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Prepare these typical sweets by making the dough with 600 grams of flour, a little water and the lard. Knead it well and roll it out as thin as possible. Prepare the filling by beating the eggs and mixing them with the ricotta cheese, sugar, grated lemon rind, saffron and 2-3 table spoons of flour. The mixture should reach a right consistency. With a glass cut the dough into disks. On the centre of each disk place 1 teaspoon of the filling, then lift the disk edge giving it a wavy shape so that it will look like a very small basket. Bake in a medium hot oven for about 40 minutes.






Dip in boiling water the sweet and bitter almonds , then drain them, few at a time. Peel them all. Put the almonds in a pan and let them dry in a warm oven. Take them out and let them cool. Crush the almonds in a "mortar" until they become powder. Whip the egg whites in a large bowl, add sugar and the almond powder. Mix the ingredients with care until everything becomes a smooth but not soft pastry. Use the mixture to prepare balls not bigger a nut, put them in the oven inside a large pan, previously prepared with ovenpaper, (cover the paper with white flour ) and press them lightly .
Let them bake in the pre-heated oven ( 120° / 150°c ) for 20-25 minutes. Take them out when they become a nice golden color.

Ilhenia Murrai & Martina Ambanelli






Prepare a short pastry with flour, butter, sugar and eggs. Chop up the almonds and the walnuts. Add in the dough the raisins, walnuts and almonds. Let the dough stand for one hour. Roll out the dough to a thickness of 1cm. Cut some rhomb and put them in pre-heated oven for 15 minutes. Take out them of the oven and let cool. In a pan melt the confectioner's sugar with little of water; amalgamate everything and immerse the biscuits. Put the biscuits on a floury baking-tin and dry them in the oven . Finally let them to cool.


Prepare: preparare
Chop up: tritare
Add: aggiungere
Let: lasciare
Stand: stendere
Rool out: stendere
Cut: tagliare
Take out: togliere
Cool: raffreddare
Melt: sciogliere
Amalgamate: amalgamare
Immerse: immergere
Dry: asciugare
Put: mettere

Dough: impasto
Thickness: spessore
Floury baking-tin: teglia infarinata



Sardinian recipe: Gateau


45 minutes


Put them on hot water for 5 minutes and peel them. Slice them and cook them at 170°C in an oven. Let them golden and then cool. Melt the sugar with lemon juice, add the almonds and mix in a saucepan on the fire (2 minutes). Pour the mixture on a marble table sprinkled with oil and roll it out into a square shape. Let cool; cut into pieces and serve it.


Peel = spellare
Put = mettere
Slice = tagliare a fettine
Cook = cucinare
Let golden = far dorare
Melt = mescolare
Add = aggiungere
Mix = mischiare
Pour = versare
Let cool = far raffreddare
Cut = tagliare
Serve = servire

Giulia Ambu & Ilaria Deriu